A homely environment

In September 2020, after new measures were taken by the Sandberg Institute towards online preferred education in order to contain the pandemic of Corona virus, MC Slotervaart became home to my work studio. This video is the result of 10 months of adaptation to the heavy past of the building suggested by the remaining furnitures scattered in the empty rooms, of sharing communal spaces with the last staff members still standing after the bankruptcy of the hospital, like guardians of a fallen site. The familiarity and comfort acquired in the space made it slowly fade from object of curiosity to a daily practical environment, an atypical and temporary home.

Stock footage:
Catalogue “Slotervaart Ziekenhuis”, printed in Lenoirschuring, Amstelveen, 2011.
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01. installation
02. video
03. flat surface
04. object(s)
05. book/publication

10. music
11. voice over
12. sounds
13. silent

20. color
21. b&w
22. color + b&w
23. no color

30. in-situ
31. ex-situ

40. individual work
41. collaboration