The Overview Project

Ref – Ref –

01. installation
02. video
03. flat surface
04. object(s)
05. book/publication

10. music
11. voice over
12. sounds
13. silent

20. color
21. b&w
22. color + b&w
23. no color

30. in-situ
31. ex-situ

40. individual work
41. collaboration

Concept imagined in collaboration with sound artist Thibault Mechler.

Premiered in Tempel, Amsterdam, 2022.

Displayed for Regionale 23, On the Brink of Remembering, Kunstverein Freiburg, 2022 (Photos : Marc Doradzillo).

From first space observations to first travels, space has finally become a territory accessible to humankind and a new playground for ecological reflexion and speculation. Through a collaborative visual and sonic research on embodiment and the power of storytelling on inherited memory, The Overview Project works as a sensorial time capsule gravitating between collective narratives and intimate (hi)stories. The project re-introduces the viewer to well known and forgotten space footages through a montage combining text and an original soundscape composed on a broken pipe organ. As an echo to the vibrations of the organ, the work questions the fragility of time and our ability to “take a step back”, breathe and observe the world we live in.