The Vanishing
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01. installation
02. video
03. flat surface
04. object(s)
05. book/publication

10. music
11. voice over
12. sounds
13. silent

20. color
21. b&w
22. color + b&w
23. no color

30. in-situ
31. ex-situ

40. individual work
41. collaboration

2018 Format: 14,8x21cm Single print Recylced paper. The Vanishings is a set of fifteen squared images on transparent rhodoid paper placed randomly in a book filled with white pages. They were chosen for their historical content as a reflection of the confused use of historical archives on the internet and storage platforms. The set exposes different ways for images to appear and disappear when faced to a completely different exposure. Out of their original context, the figures are no longer seen as historical but as characters surrounded by a neutral background.

Stock images:
1- Le baigneur (The bather): Garry Winogrand, Coney Island, New York.

2- Le dormeur (The sleeper): Lee Miller, Dead SS Guard, Floating in Canal," Dachau, 1945.

3- Les coureurs (The runners), La rencontre (The meeting): photographs of civilian protests from May 68, Bordeaux, France.

4- Le danseur (The dancer): student protests of May 4, 1970, Kent State University in Ohio

5- Les joueurs (The players): prisoners from the Mauthausen concentration camp, Austria.
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