Juliana Zepka is a French-Brazilian artist. She lives and works in Paris.

Her work explores the spectral and memorial dimensions of the image and the archive in the context of their policies of reproduction, digitalisation and restitution. In 2022, after finishing her degree at the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam), she wrote a manifesto on the anarchive as keystone of her artistic research: the study of the archive through its blank pages, through the invisible, the fictional, the anonymous, the forgotten. She also works on request to create visual content (graphics, web design, video) for artists, cultural institutions and associations.

Ghosts in Archive, Ghosts of Protest


19 copies, soft-cover, ink-print, mat paper

Printed and binded at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam


Exhibition :

International Institute of Social History

The publication Ghosts in Archive, Ghosts of Protest: an artistic experience of spectral inquiry aims to detect the presence of ghosts in the archive of the International Institute of Social History – ghosts of humans and protests that they started.

This collective research on speculation, historical inquiry and artistic intervention invites to question archives as places ‘full of ghosts’ by excavating the stories attached to them.

Ghosts in Archive, Ghosts of Protest is a printed and audio publication created by the participants of F For Fact program of Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Produced during the workshop ‘Ghosts in Archive, Ghosts of Protest’ that took place in the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam) in March 2023.

Contributions by: Julius Barghop, Mathild Clerc-Verhoeven, Janis Eckhardt, Alexander Khudokon, Olya Korsun, Anna Tamm, Bart Haensel, Aleksandra (Sasha) Kulak, Nina van Tuikwerd, Chung Sze Kwok, Roosje Verschoor, Pedro Gossler, Vinzenz Leutenegger, Edy Wassink, Viktoriya Kalashnikova, Juliana Zepka.

Designed by: Nina van Tuikwerd